Bramble Berry's Summer 2015 S.O.A.P. Panel

It's that time again!  Bramble Berry is looking for new S.O.A.P. panelists.  These posts are always so hard for me, because it's so incredibly difficult to pick just one thing that is my favorite.

One of my favorite things is the 10" silicone mold.  The amount of soap it holds is just perfect for me, without being too big.  Plus, I love that it releases the soap easily when it is time to unmold, without having to line anything.  While I have and use wooden molds as well, I greatly prefer the silicone ones.  I have 4 of this particular size, and multiples of other sizes as well.  But this is the one I reach for the most!  (And yes, I took my mold for a quick spin in the glamour shot box!)

But if I have to choose, then my choice is the amazing fragrance oils.  There is such an amazing selection of fragrances, and I always find something new that I just have to have.  I may or may not be a fragrance oil addict, as I have quite the collection!  (Only a very small portion is pictured here.  Believe me, I probably have about 100 bottles total.)  I also love that Anne-Marie and the other people at Bramble Berry have taken the time to test out every single fragrance and give notes on their performance in cold process soap.  I know when I buy one that I can rely on the notes in the descriptions for acceleration and discoloration, as well as any other issues that may arise.  

Now, why should I be a part of the S.O.A.P. panel?  Because I love to make soap, and I love to try out new things.  As a die hard chemistry person "back in the day," I'm so completely fascinated by the whole soap making process.  Taking notes about what worked, what didn't, and hypothesizing about the actual chemical reaction is my idea of a good time.  As it happens, I'm completely excited by the artistic process of creating new soap as well, so soap making as a whole is incredibly fun.  I love to try new things in making soaps, and trying techniques from other art forms to see if they can be successfully applied to soap.  Sometimes it works, sometimes not, but I always have fun and keep good notes.  After all, accurate note taking is what makes scientists tick!