S.O.A.P. Panel update

I am so excited to have been chosen to be one of Bramble Berry's S.O.A.P. testers for Summer 2015.  

I received the eight mystery fragrances on Friday, and I've spent the long holiday weekend taking sniffy notes.  For an added bonus, I brought the sample fragrances to work and asked some close friends for their opinions.  Here's a bit about each of them, so you get an idea about what each typically likes in a fragrance. 

K:  Me!  :)  I like sweeter type scents, but enjoy lots of floral and berry types too
M:  Seems to likes earthy scents like patchouli.  Favorite soap is our tea tree and activated charcoal soap.
C:  Enjoys tropical smells, but really loves baths, is a huge fan of bath bombs and solid bubble bath bars.  
H:  Loves my soap above all others.  Probably would drink some of the fragrances if that meant she could smell them all the time

I received my package of mystery scents on Friday, and I was so excited to open them up and see what each of them smelled like.  Here are everyone's reactions to each of the eight mystery scents.  These are highly unscientific tests, but I thought it would be fun to see how different people reacted to the same scents.  

  • Scent #1:

K:  Manly scent, smells like a men's cologne.  It's very familiar, but I can't place it exactly, maybe one of the guys I dated used to wear it?  
M:  I know this scent.  I can't place it, but I know this scent.  
C:  It's some type of men's cologne, or maybe deodorant?  Clean and fresh smelling, but definitely a men's scent.
H:  Manly.  Like Hollister, no wait!  Aqua di Gio!!!

  • Scent #2:

K:  Yuck.  Patchouli, lots of patchouli.  Not a fan.
M:  This one smells like a new age store, like the incense or whatever they have in them.  Or hippies.
C:  I don't know what to think about this one.  Food-like, but not.  Cocoa?  Maybe caramel. 
H:  Familiar, but I'm not sure.  Bourbon?  Amaretto?  

  • Scent #3:

K:  A nice and bright citrus scent, pretty sure I get both orange and grapefruit from it.  Love this one.
M:  Some sort of fruit, maybe a blossom type?  Pear?
C:  Love it.  Citrus and fresh, maybe grapefruit.
H:  That's nice, in a sort of memory causing way.  Or some sort of citrus candy.

  • Scent #4:

K:  Chocolate and just a touch of mint.  Almost like mint chocolate chip ice cream
M:  Chocolate (and I have no idea how to describe the face/sound she made when smelling this one!)
C:  It's like the peppermint bark you get at Christmas time
H:  ANDES MINTS.  (she was very excited!)

  • Scent #5:

K:  A kind of herbal scent, edging towards the manly side.  Rosemary?  Pine?  
M:  That's nice.  For a boy.
C:  Manly, or maybe like a herbal perfume, with some light florals?
H:  I like it.  Manly.  Reminds me of cologne too, but maybe with some sawdust?

  • Scent #6:

K:  Chocolate, with vanilla, maybe also some almond.  Definitely a food scent
M:  Salted caramel
C:  I want to eat it.  Like an almond cookie
H:  Chocolate brownies, maybe with a little orange

  • Scent #7:

K:  Very floral scent, spa-like, not heavy at all.  I get a little citrus too
M:  Smells like it belongs in Bath & Body Works, but in a good way, some sort of citrus flower
C:  Citrus?  Flowery?  No real idea
H:  Smells like Bath & Body Works, citrusy

  • Scent #8:

K:  Fresh and clean, like a clean linen type of scent.  A little too much like laundry for my taste
M:  Soap, maybe like with some epsom salts or something
C:  Baby powder or wipes
H:  Nope.  Don't like it.  Clean linen overload.

Time for me to get into the kitchen and start testing!  Be on the lookout for blog posts for each fragrance, starting later this week.  I'll be testing each fragrance in cold process soap, lotion, and whatever else I can think of depending on how much I have left of each.  Let's ride the S.O.A.P. Panel testing train together!