Mystery Fragrance #1 Testing

Time for adventures in Mystery Fragrance soap making!  In case you haven't been following along, I am testing 8 mystery fragrances for Bramble Berry, as a part of their Summer 2015 S.O.A.P. Panel.  I have absolutely nothing to go on for these fragrances, other than they come in little amber bottles.  It's up to me and the other panelists to test them out and see what happens.

If you remember from last week, here's what we had to say about Scent #1:

K:  Manly scent, smells like a men's cologne.  It's very familiar, but I can't place it exactly, maybe one of the guys I dated used to wear it?  
M:  I know this scent.  I can't place it, but I know this scent.  
C:  It's some type of men's cologne, or maybe deodorant?  Clean and fresh smelling, but definitely a men's scent.
H:  Manly.  Like Hollister, no wait!  Aqua di Gio!!!

With this in mind, I decided to test it (and all the other scents) in multiple products to see how it worked.  

First up, of course, was cold process soap.  I used 0.5 ounces of fragrance in my standard cold process recipe, scaled down to a total batch size of about a pound.  No color was added to the batch, except for a mica swirl on top.  Here's what it looked like when freshly poured:

And then after cutting:

It looks like it has discolored a little bit, and developed some soda ash.  I'm pretty intrigued by the color of the discoloration that is starting.  It was a hard color to capture, but it's a kind of mauve or dusty purple color.  The outside is sort of a grayish tan.  My recipe tends to stay moderately white/ivory without colorant.  It will go on the curing shelf now for the next few weeks.  It still smells very manly, like a men's cologne.  We'll see how it holds up, and if it continues to discolor during the curing process.

I had more fragrance left, so I decided to try my hand at lotion.  If you've read my About Page, you know that I have yet to find a recipe that I consider to be the "perfect" lotion recipe.  This seemed like a good time to play around with ingredients and see what happens.  I used one of Susan's recipes from her blog as a starting point, and modified it to suit the ingredients I have on hand.  

A little bubbly, but since I made such a small amount I'm not terribly surprised.  It's only about 3.5-4 ounces, so it was hard to get the mixer completely submerged.  The scent is very strong in the lotion, and I'm not sure I enjoy this scent in a lotion.  The lotion itself seems nice, but this scent is a bit overpowering for this type of application.  

I still had some fragrance left, so off I went to make bath bombs.  Just a tiny recipe, making only 5 small bath bombs.  I didn't get the colorant mixed in quite well enough, so there are little blue specks throughout the bombs.  Oops!  And off they go to be stored for later use.

Since I still had a tiny bit fragrance left, I turned to melt and pour soaps.  Using a shea butter base, I made a couple tiny soaps with the last little bits of the fragrance oil, this time colored with some blue mica.  

So far, everything seems to be turning out just fine.  We'll have to see how it all holds up over the next several weeks.