Mystery Fragrance #7 Testing

Time for adventures in Mystery Fragrance soap making!  In case you haven't been following along, I am testing 8 mystery fragrances for Bramble Berry, as a part of their Summer 2015 S.O.A.P. Panel.  I have absolutely nothing to go on for these fragrances, other than they come in little amber bottles.  It's up to me and the other panelists to test them out and see what happens.

If you remember, here's what we had to say about Scent #7:

K:  Very floral scent, spa-like, not heavy at all.  I get a little citrus too
M:  Smells like it belongs in Bath & Body Works, but in a good way, some sort of citrus flower
C:  Citrus?  Flowery?  No real idea
H:  Smells like Bath & Body Works, citrusy

With all this in mind, I decided to test it (and all the other scents) in multiple products to see how it worked.  

After my disaster of an experience with Mystery Fragrance #5, I was very cautious about approaching the remaining fragrances.  It's not that I anticipated any other problems, but I am definitely more on guard now!  Maybe even more so with this fragrance, because I've seen some of the other testers posting on social media that it gave them some problems.  But it seems like #7 did pretty well for me!

It accelerated a little bit, which I sort of expected since it's a floral scent.  I would classify it as a "workable acceleration," meaning that you still have time to do some simple designs.  Probably not any intricate swirls though.  I've been leaving my soaps out on the counter and uninsulated to see what happens.  This one definitely gelled on its own about an hour after pouring.  So it looked like this after cutting:

Still a very nice floral scent.  It seems to have lost a few of the more delicate notes, but it's still quite nice.  And partial gel, ugh!  

Surprise, surprise, I again modified the lotion recipe I have been using so I can compare various oil/butter combinations.  I still like the combination that I used for #3 the best, but it's a fun journey to be on. 

(Y U so blurry, picture?)

I've pretty much isolated that the slight yellowish tinge in the previous batch is from the Avocado Oil.  I used Avocado Oil again in this batch, and got the same slight discoloration.  It's really not very noticeable, and if I weren't paying such close attention, I'm not sure I would even notice.  But since I used Fractionated Coconut Oil in other batches, those are very white.  Therefore the very tiny bit yellow of these two batches is easy for me to see.  I'm not sure I like that, so I think Avocado Oil is out.  Bummer.  I've also not liked the texture of the two lotions I made with Avocado Oil.  So yeah, it's definitely out as an option.  But at least this lotion smells amazing!  I tried some out and in addition to the floral notes, I detect something else that I can't quite put my finger on.  Maybe just a touch of mint?  It's something sort of "fresh" smelling.  

The bath bombs are so pretty and pink.  They smell amazing.  I really love the floral notes that are coming out more as this fragrance is used.   

The melt and pour soaps are also pretty and pink.  Nothing much to see with these out of the ordinary.   

The next few weeks will be interesting to see how they develop.  I really like this fragrance.  The soft florals are really coming out once the fragrance is used.  It smells like something you would find at Bath & Body Works, but not in an overwhelming way.