Masterbatching Oils

I don't know about you, but I have a limited amount of free time on any given day.  So I'm always looking for little time savers to help me out in the long run.  One of the ways I've added this to my soap making routine is to master batch my oils.  

There are several ways to master batch, but this is the way I do it.  

I bought some small containers and corresponding lids from my local hardware store.  You can find these in several different sizes in the paint section.  

I only master batch my hard oils.  I prefer to measure and add my liquid oils when I actually make soap.  Some people will master batch all of their oils, but I keep those separate.  

When I used palm oil, I would buy it in larger quantities, in order to get a price break.  If you use palm oil, you will need to completely melt down the container and mix it well before measuring it into smaller portions.  There is such a thing as hydrogenated palm oil which does not need to be melted and stirred, however if you are not sure, then go ahead and melt it down.  If you don't use palm oil, then this isn't a problem!

I need to melt some of my hard oils down to measure them out.  Things like coconut oil are a solid at room temperature, and may need to be melted to measure properly depending on the container it comes in.  I don't melt hard butters like cocoa butter or mango butter, but simply add them to the container as is.

In my small containers, I have a mixture of melted and solid oils and butters.  For me, this is ok, and they will all eventually solidify.  You may want to melt them all and combine them more.  I will be melting them later when I actually make the soap, so it doesn't bother me to keep them loosely mixed.  This is actually one of the reasons I don't add the liquid oils to my master batching.  When I melt these hard oils and butters, they can get pretty warm.  I can then add the reserved liquid oils to help cool them back down before mixing with the lye.  

By creating a sort of oil assembly line, I measure things once instead of every time I make soap.  It helps me cut down on the time it takes to make soap.  

I then label the containers with what is in them and the date I combined them.  

Have you ever master batched your soap oils?  How do you do it?