Clean the World

Consider all the unused - or partially used - soaps that remain whenever you stay at a hotel.  Clean the World is a non-profit organization that collects unused soaps and toiletries from participating hotels and recycles them to be distributed to those that are in need.  Some of their recycled kits go to homeless shelters, while others go to developing countries. Their goal is to promote the awareness of hand washing as a method of preventing diseases. 

Why is this important? Because washing your hands is one of the most effective ways to help prevent the spread of diseases. We use our hands to do a lot of stuff, and therefore our hands touch a lot of stuff. Some of that stuff is kind of gross. And most likely, all of it has germs. Those germs are then transferred to our hands. As we go about our daily life, we carry those germs around and they may make us sick. To get rid of them, we need to use soap and clean water to wash our hands.

Go donate to Clean the World. They are helping to save lives.