Cosmetics Making Medical Claims

We've all seen the ads: this cosmetic whatsit does magical things and whoa it's a miracle!

Guess what? Most of those types of claims are actually not allowed.

WHOA NOW, surely you must be joking!

Nope. Anytime a company makes a claim that their miracle product does something that treats, cures, or prevents disease, that is not allowed because that qualifies the product as a drug. Unless their company has had their product tested and approved by the FDA for those purposes. But most times, this is not the case. The FDA can impose fines or even shut down companies for infractions. It's not a risk worth taking, in my opinion. 

But what about essential oils?

The same thing applies. Just because something comes from a plant, this does not make it harmless. Saying that a particular essential oil can help with a medical condition such as eczema, anxiety, insomnia, or more puts it squarely in the category of a drug.  

Want more information?  Check out the FDA's definitions for cosmetics vs drugs, and their take specifically on essential oils:

Is It a Cosmetic, a Drug, or Both? (Or Is It Soap?)


Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Because of these regulations, we will never make medical claims about our products. Our items are classified as cosmetics and are labeled and marketed as such. We love to answer your questions, so let us know what you think!