Exfoliating to Help Dry Winter Skin

Surprise, it's winter! At least in the northern hemisphere anyway. With winter comes drier air, and as a result, drier skin. I rarely have problems with dry skin in the summer, since I live in a fairly humid area. But once winter rolls around, I need to slather on a nourishing lotion to combat patches of dry skin.

The other thing I do is up my exfoliation game. Generally during the warmer months, I only exfoliate about once a week. But during winter, I need to do it more often. So how do I exfoliate?

I like to use natural exfoliants. These are not the only options, but I like to try to use natural ingredients whenever I can. If you prefer other exfoliants and they work for you, great!

So in the shower, when I am exfoliating my body, I use a whipped soap sugar scrub. Sugar is a great exfoliant for large areas that aren't too sensitive. Loofah (or luffa) is another great option. But for sensitive skin, like my face, sugar is just too rough. For those areas, I turn to a more gentle abrasive.

My current favorite is a mixture of ground almond flour and honey mixed into a paste. That's it, nothing fancy. I mix up about a tablespoon and use all of it. It feels very smooth when using, but it does the job. Afterwards, I put on a moisturizer to make sure my freshly exfoliated skin is nicely hydrated.

What are your favorite ways to exfoliate and battle with dry winter skin?