Why Is Handmade Soap So Awesome?

I may have gotten a little excited last week when talking about the perceptions people have about “lye soap.”


But it’s something I’m super passionate about.

This week, let’s talk about why handmade soap is so good for you.

We’ve already touched on what makes up soap:

Fatty acids + base = soap + water

So why is that something that is good for you?

No harsh detergents or hardeners.

No crazy chemicals that you can’t pronounce.

Take a look at any one of our soaps. All of our ingredients are oils or butters that are easily pronounceable.

Handmade soaps retain all the naturally produced glycerin that occurs as a result of the soap making process. Most commercially made soaps remove the glycerin and sell it separately.

Why is this important?

Glycerin is what we call a humectant. That means that it draws moisture to itself. By keeping the glycerin in the soaps, it helps our skin by drawing moisture to it and locking it in.

Many people find that they no longer need lotion after bathing once they start using handmade soaps.

Also, handmade soaps are way prettier than commercially available soaps. And they smell better too.

That’s probably the #1 comment I get when I’m out with our soaps.  “It’s all so pretty and they smell so good!”

That’s totally true, even if I might be a little biased. 😉

There is so much flexibility to make each batch into a little work of art.

I can’t draw worth crap. Even my stick people are kinda sad looking. But dangit, I can make a pretty bar of soap!