Bramble Berry Surprise!

Last week, I opened up my mailbox and found a box inside, addressed to me.  I pulled it out and looked at it, wondering what it could be, because I hadn't ordered anything.  The return address was from Bellingham....I don't think I know anything in Bellingham.  Wait a minute...Bramble Berry is in Bellingham!  I didn't order anything from Bramble Berry though, so what could it be?

Only one thing to do, and that's open it and find out!

It IS from Bramble Berry!  And there are goodies!  Oh boy, time to rip the packing materials aside and find out what's in the box for real.

Oooooo colors and fragrance oils!  These are a few of my favorite things, so I'm totally excited by this.  You can never have too many of either!

This is the Rainbow Mica Sampler Pack.  Some of them are duplicates of colors I already have - not that this is a problem in any sort of way - but some are the brand new micas that Bramble Berry recently released.  I can't wait to use them!

Three 2 ounce fragrance oils, including the Butter Mints fragrance that was part of my S.O.A.P. Panel testing.  It's the only fragrance from the Summer Panel that made it into the Bramble Berry line up.  It smells fabulous!  Opening up that bottle and taking a sniff took me back to when I was doing the testing.  Scent is such a strong sense!

Thank you so much Anne-Marie and the whole Bramble Berry team!  I love my new goodies and can't wait to try all of them out!  

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