Taking the Time to Say Thank You

Lately it’s been really driven home for me how important it is to take the time to say thank you.  Not just when we receive a present, or something else major, but in the little daily things that happen as well.  Did someone hold the door open for you?  It’s polite to say thank you.  Did you significant other save you the last piece of chocolate cake because they knew it’s your favorite?  It’s nice to say thank you.  Did the cashier upgrade your coffee to a larger size because you looked like you needed it today?  Baristas like to hear thank you too.

I was in a car accident at the end of August.  I had never been in an accident before, and to say I was shaken up was an understatement.  While I was largely unharmed, I did have some pretty impressive bruising and some residual soreness for about a week. 

One of the things that struck me about the whole process was the kindness of everyone.  Not just those people who I interact with on a daily basis, but from pretty much everyone I encountered during the reporting and insurance process.  I realize that in many cases, such as the insurance company, it is their job to be sympathetic, but it’s still a nice thing to find. 

As the recipient of these moments of kindness, it reminded me that it’s equally important for me to tell people thank you.  I truly appreciated their compassion when I was shaken up, incredibly sore, and generally feeling down about my situation.  Since then, I’ve made it a point to tell people thank you, even for small gestures. 

How do you show someone your appreciation? 

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