5 of the Best Soap YouTube Channels to Follow

With today's technology, we have the ability to find information in lots of different places.  YouTube is a great place to be able to visually see the process as it happens.  I've compiled a list of my 5 favorite soap YouTube channels!  

There are so many more than just these five channels!  These are just my personal favorites, or ones that I have found to be the most helpful to me.  By no means should these be taken as the only ones to watch!  Your personal favorites may vary, but these are a great place to start.  

1.  Spicy Pinecone (Sarah Milroy)

Sarah is adorable, which you'll see is a common theme of the people I am featuring today.  She's completely down to earth and approachable, and also explains her processes very clearly.  She shows you different techniques, as well as reviews other soap makers and their companies.  Sarah is so excited to do what she loves, and that really comes out in her videos.

2.  Soap Queen (Anne-Marie)

How could I make a list like this and not include the Soap Queen herself.  Anne-Marie is the owner of Bramble Berry, a soap maker's paradise of supplies.  She is also a soap maker herself, and really has her finger on the pulse of the soap making community.  I often refer people to her videos, especially her series on beginning soap making.  She has everything laid out so clearly, and I couldn't do better.

 3.  La Fille de la Mer (Ariane Arsenault)

 Ariane has a great personality, and is just adorable too.  Plus she has a fabulous accent!  I love how she lays everything out so that it seems so simple, even when it's a more complex method.  She is wonderfully approachable, and even shows you when things go wrong.  I always feel better about my own mistakes when I see that people I consider experts have trouble sometimes too.  

4.  Soaping 101 

 These are more of a class type of video than a peek into a particular person's methods.  Lots of new techniques are shown and explained in a really clear way.  Not as much of a personality being shown with these videos, but the information in them is really valuable.  

5.  Devinely Designed (Kevin Devine)

 Time to move on to the only male on my list!  That's not a purposeful thing, but it seems that soap making is primarily a hobby and/or business done by females.  But Kevin is totally cute, and he really makes it seem like the viewer is in his kitchen with him, working side by side.  He shows his mistakes too, and you can really learn a lot from watching him.  He isn't afraid to try new techniques, even when he isn't sure how they might turn out.  

Hopefully these soap channels are a great place to start for you.  There are a ton more soap making channels out there, if these aren't to your tastes.  The common theme with these, with the exception of soaping 101, is that each of them makes the viewer feel comfortable and relaxed.  It's as if you are making soap with your best friend.  

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