Dealing with Annoyances in Daily Life

Recently, I have had the opportunity to examine how I deal with life’s daily annoyances.  On a Sunday evening, I received a phone call from my bank, alerting me to suspicious charges on my debit card.  Since the charges were not made in an area that I was close to, the bank had flagged them as suspect.  Sure enough, my debit card had been compromised. 

To say I was annoyed would be putting it mildly.  Not at my bank, because they did their job very well.  I was alerted to the problem very quickly and a freeze was put on my account.  I had to go into the bank and fill out some paperwork the next day, but everything was handled swiftly and with great sympathy and kindness.  (Here’s where I mention how much I absolutely love my bank.  It’s a tiny little credit union, but the people there are awesome!)

This experience made me think about how we handle those little daily irritations that all of us encounter as we move through our days.  No matter what it is, we all have them.  Some of them are major, some are not.  But I’m firmly of the opinion that how we handle them should be the same no matter their size.

Grace and kindness go a long way in resolving a situation.  We’ve all seen that one person who blew up because of some ridiculous small thing.  We probably all thought to ourselves about how unreasonable they were.  It’s easy to think that, but it’s not so easy to apply it. 

Take a deep breath and realize that it’s all going to be ok, even when it feels like it won’t.  Trust me, you’ll feel better, and the other people in the situation with you will greatly appreciate it.

How do you cope with life’s stresses without losing your temper?

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