What's New for the New Year

2016 is finally here!  Time to look forward to a new year.  So what's in store for The Soaping Soprano this year?

Lots of fun stuff, of course!


I'm going to start doing some videos of soap batches!  It will be a process, learning to do them the way I want them to come across.  But I'm hoping to have the first one posted in February.  

Picture Tutorials

Some batches will have picture tutorials.  While you won't see every step in real time, they will hopefully give you a glimpse of what goes into some of my more interesting soaps.  

Regular Release Dates

I'll be posting new soaps on the first Saturday of each month.  This actually started this weekend, with VAMP, Blood Orange & Goji Berry, Cucumber Melon, and a restock of Black Amber & Lavender.  Look for the announcements a week or so before the release.  

I look forward to sharing these things with you!  If you aren't already following me on Instagram or Facebook, come on over and join the party!

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