Making Star of the Show Soap

Let's get right to the first of my new things to come - a photo tutorial!  Today, I'm bringing you the pictures from me making a brand new soap scent.  It's called My Main Squeeze from Wholesale Supplies Plus, but I'm calling the finished soap Star of the Show.  Can you guess why?

First, I needed to make the star embeds.  I used the 1.5 inch star column mold, also from Wholesale Supplies Plus.  This uses only about 8 ounces of soap, so I made a little extra soap while making another batch instead of trying to make such a tiny amount by itself.  I picked three colors:  pink, purple, and yellow.  

I used a funnel to help me get the soap in the mold.  It ended up making a funnel pour type of soap, but that was mostly incidental to my planned design.  

All finished, and ready to set up.  Because it was a small amount of soap in a fairly skinny mold, I was pretty sure that this soap wasn't going to gel.  I let it sit in the mold for several days before attempting to remove it.

I let it sit for an additional couple days, just to make sure the points of the star would be firm enough to survive cutting.

I have a multi-bar soap cutter, which I absolutely love, that cuts soap loaves into 1 inch increments.  Since I knew I wanted my finished soap bars to be 1 inch wide, this meant that I needed the stars to be less thick.  To get the number of stars I would need, I ended up cutting each 1 inch section into 3 approximately equal pieces.  I just eyeballed it, but you could be more precise if you wanted to.  To accomplish this, I cut the star loaf once, then shifted it over and cut it again.  I then shifted it over again, and cut it one last time.  This gave me 24 star pieces.

I have a tiny star cutter that I bought from Hobby Lobby a long time ago.  I used this to carefully cut out the center of each star piece.  The first couple were a bit difficult to get out, but once the soap residue coated the cutter, it went pretty quick.  

Time to make the rest of the soap!  I used my regular recipe and blended to a medium trace.  I next added a bit of white mica and the fragrance.  I was glad I had added the white, because the fragrance turned the soap batter a bright yellow color.  The fragrance description didn't mention that!  

I poured about half the soap batter into the mold.  I had previously marked my mold in 1 inch increments to help me in placing the embeds.  I placed the star outlines within these markings, and then carefully poured the rest of the soap batter on top.  No pictures of this, because at this point, my soap batter was starting to thicken up and I was moving pretty fast.  

I topped the soap with more star outlines down the middle and then the tiny star cutouts on each side.  Top it all off with a good dose of glitter, and you have a fabulous soap!  

So did you guess the surprise yet?  The center stars are hidden until you actually use the soap!  Well, that's the plan anyway.  I won't find out if it worked until I actually cut the soap.  So here goes nothing!

Whew!  Success!  

And it smells amazing too.  I'll be tucking this soap away to cure for the next 6 weeks, so be on the lookout for it to be released at a later date.  

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