The Soaping Soprano

New Packaging Debut!

I'm super excited to share our new packaging with you!  For years, having pretty packaging has been something that is important to me. After all, ...

How to Take a Bath

Hello everyone! Today I thought I'd talk about how to "properly" take a bath. Ha! As if there is such a thing!

Image by Sarah Pflug

So here's the thing: there's no right or wrong way to take a bath. 

Welcome to the New Year!

Hello again, and welcome! 2020 is finally over, and well, that's a bit of a relief. 

Image courtesy of Thom Browne

It's been a wild ride over the past 10 months. The world has changed due to the pandemic. We're all trying to figure out what the new "normal" is going to be. I have no doubt that we'll figure it out, but getting there will be a bit of a stretch. Flexibility and adaptation is the name of the game.