April Tarot Reading

It's a new month, so time for a new card! Let's see what April has in store for us. 

April's card is Death. No no no, don't run away, stay with me! 

So yeah, any time the Death card comes up in a reading, people freak out. I get it. Death is a scary concept! We don't know what happens after we die, although various religions have different ideas. There's just no way to really know. 

Especially after 2020, Death is an extra scary concept. It's really easy to see why this is one of the scarier appearing cards in the deck. 

HOWEVER. It's really not as scary as many people make it out to be. 

Read that again. One more time. 

In readings, Death typically means CHANGE. And you know what? After the past year, I'm definitely ready for a change. It's an allegorical "death" of something that has worn out its welcome, and ushers in the new. 

Oh gee, I wonder what thing might fit that description. 

Let's move past the instinctual emotions this card usually stirs up and think about it. 

Change can be scary. Last March, the whole world changed dramatically and with little warning. The idea that we might be moving out of that world and into the new future is also a scary idea. It's also not lost on me that this card was pulled at Easter time, so there's that. 

Think beyond pandemic and about your own life. What changes might be coming? What changes have you been afraid to set into motion? April might be a good time to work on those things. 

Change is a part of life. Learn to embrace it and not be scared of letting go of the old things that aren't working anymore. 

I'd love to hear what your responses are to this month's reading! This is a great one!

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