February Tarot Reading

Welcome back! It's time for the monthly card reading!

The card I pulled for February is the Ace of Coins. Or Ace of Pentacles, depending on what suits your deck might use.

Aces in general tend to symbolize new starts or new beginnings or new endeavors and the suit of Coins or Pentacles is typically associated with money. So what does that mean for February?

Yes, new things! But not necessarily money, so hold on to your excitement for a moment. It absolutely can mean that there will be an infusion of money in the upcoming month, but it can also mean other things. Like health. Or new business ventures. I like to think of it as unexpected opportunities. That can apply to several different avenues. 

In the grand scheme of things, I think this applies very well to the month of February. The US has just installed a new president, and he seems to be making good use of his first days in office. Some of the things he is prioritizing correspond nicely with this card - attempting to get COVID vaccinations to more people, potential additional stimulus monies. continuing protections that are in place due to COVID, and more. 

So yes, it's a new beginning, with lots of new possibilities. Some of them can be financial, but some of them may not be. This card holds the promise of hope, and that's something we all desperately need after the past 4 years. 

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