How to Take a Bath

Hello everyone! Today I thought I'd talk about how to "properly" take a bath. Ha! As if there is such a thing!

Image by Sarah Pflug

So here's the thing: there's no right or wrong way to take a bath. 

Instead, focus on what your intention for the bath might be. Getting clean? Relaxing? Preparing for something? 

Once you have your intention, you can decide how to best prepare for your bath. For example, if your intention is to relax, you might prepare by gathering all the supplies you need for a really decadent and indulgent experience. Bath bombs, scrubs, bubble bath, a bottle of wine, a good book, and candles might be part of the tools you would need. But if your intention was to get clean, you might grab the soap and a washcloth and call it good. These are two very different baths, but they each serve their purpose perfectly!

After you have properly prepared for your bath, it's time for its execution. This is the fun part - go take your bath! I like to go a step further and really focus on that intention while I'm in the bath. 

Don't be afraid to take as long in the tub as you feel is necessary. If the water is getting cool, then top it off with some warm water. Our society places value on "getting things done" and it can be difficult to convince yourself that taking a break is ok. It is 100% ok, and in fact is very necessary for our mental wellbeing. We can't get anything done if we are worn out, whether that is a mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual tiredness. 

So tell me - how do you like to take a bath?

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