March Tarot Reading

It's that time again! Our March reading is ready for you.

And it's a doozy! Are you ready for this?

Our card for March is the 9 of Wands Reversed. It's our first reversed card, so let's take a look at what that means before we dive into the card itself. 

Some readers don't read reversals at all, and that's their perogative. I personally think it brings an added depth of meaning to the cards, so I like to keep them in. .A "reversed" card simply means that you pulled it out of the deck upside down. That's it. But how you interpret it can be different from person to person. 

With that said, I generally think of a reversed card as showing me that its meaning needs a little more attention, or potentially that something is "stuck" and needs more help. Obviously this is going to depend on the card that is pulled, but that's the general way I look at them. 

So with that in mind, let's look at our card for March.

Wands as a suit are full of motion, that fire energy is just bursting to get moving. The 9 of Wands generally indicates that the problem is close to being solved, finished, or completed in some way. With it being reversed, there is something that is preventing that from happening. 

This is actually a great card for March. We're starting to settle into the new year and those bright and shiny goals we set back in January are starting to lose their appeal and shininess. That's to be expected. And that's what is standing in our way. Take some time to reevaluate your goals and make adjustments as necessary. It's ok to change your goals as your life evolves. If you set vague goals, maybe now is the time to get a little more specific. 

I'm super excited to see how this card plays out. Share how it makes you think in the comments!


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