New Packaging Debut!

I'm super excited to share our new packaging with you! 

For years, having pretty packaging has been something that is important to me. After all, I want to make sure that the customer experience is as awesome as possible. As a result, there have been many iterations of packaging for our soaps. 

But in the back of my mind the whole time has been this nagging voice that was unhappy with it. Why? Because the packaging was not recyclable or biodegradable or earth friendly. With that in mind, I did away with the plastic shrink wrap I had been using. (There are biodegradable shrink wraps available! But at this point I'm not sold on them.)

After a long time, I'm happy to share that I've found a solution that hits all the right notes for me. Boxes! They are made out of a recyclable paper, so you can feel good about the packaging your soaps are delivered in. Next stop - the labels! (Still researching!)

This is one of the reasons that bath bombs haven't come back yet. I haven't found a solution for their packaging. I am hoping that I will find one soon. But here's a question for you - would you prefer to have the pretty bath treats available with packaging that is not necessarily earth friendly, or wait until I find something more in line with this new packaging? Let me know in the comments! 

Also, bath salts are on their way soon! I've found a packaging solution for them, and we're onto the final testing phase! 

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